Ajwain Price in Pakistan-(Camon Seeds)

  • Premium quality seeds
  • Natural aroma and taste
  • Best for flavoring a variety of sweets and spicy dishes
  • Enriched with fibers
  • Good for digestive Health and cough relief


The seeds of the ajwain herb are known as carom seeds. Despite being called “seeds,” carom seeds are the fruit of the ajwain herb. They have a sharp, bitter flavor and a light green to brown appearance. It resemble cumin seeds in appearance. They  ground into a powder and added to food as a spice. They  commonly sold, though, as whole seeds. Due to their abundance of fiber, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals, carom seeds are exceptionally nutrient-dense. The Ajwain price in Pakistan-(camon seeds) is budget-friendly; you can easily buy them.

There is much use of ajwainfor weight loss. The carom seeds for weight loss are helpful in nutrient absorption and boosting metabolism. Ajwain treats the numerous indicators of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, spots, dark circles, etc. The Ajwain price in Pakistan-(camon seeds) is affordable on our website of gv foods.

Benefits of Ajwain_100g

Improve cholesterol levels

carom seed powder has only been shown to help treat high cholesterol levels.

Here we discuss ajwain for high blood pressure

The plant enzyme thymol found in ajwain effectively inhibits calcium channels. This stops calcium from entering the blood vessels that supply the heart, which lowers blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to relax and expand.

Toothache Relief

Ajwain can assist in decreasing the discomfort connected with toothaches because of the anti-inflammatory qualities of thymol and other essential oils.


Brand Golden View
Product Ajwain
Quality 100 % natural
Additives No
Quantity 100 g