Black Cardamom Price in Pakistan (Badi Elaichi)

  • 100 % organic and superb quality
  • Bold aroma and taste
  • Natural black color
  • Helps in curing stomach diseases and infections
  • Standardized airtight packaging


Black Cardamom is one of the well-known spices. It is often used for flavoring numerous food preparations because of its pleasant scent. Black cardamom is known as large cardamom because it is grown on a massive scale and commands a more excellent price in the market. It might be or painkiller or an ulcer preventative. It also contains antibacterial properties. The badi elaichifor cough is very helpful in reducing its symptoms. Black cardamom can be a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. The black cardamom price in Pakistan (badi elaichi) is budget-friendly on our website of, gv foods.

The seeds were used to make the essential oil of black cardamom, which possesses antimicrobial qualities. It may prevent a range of fungi that develop on hair and nails and some fungi that might cause superficial skin diseases. Black cardamom for diabetes is beneficial. The crushed Black cardamom sprinkled on top of dishes can enhance the taste. When used in rice and savory dal dishes, its pleasant flavor and perfume stimulate the taste buds. The black cardamom price in Pakistan (badi elaichi) is very reasonable according to its quality.

Benefits of Black Cardemom_50g

Uses of black cardamom for teeth

Black cardamom is excellent for your gums and teeth. The infusion of the seeds is also helpful as a dental gargle.

Uses of black cardamom for the digestive system

Black cardamom’s essential oil has stomachic effects that may help increase appetite or aid digestion.

Uses of black cardamom for blood pressure

Black Cardamom powder can help decrease blood pressure when used frequently.


Brand Golden View
Product Black cardamom ( badi elaichi)
Quality 100 organic
Additives No
Quantity 100 g