The Golden View’s Coriander powder is pure and organic as compared to any other ordinary available in the market. It is free from any artificial flavor, preservatives, and colors. The coriander seed powder is obtained by collecting freshly dried Coriander Seeds which are 100% natural and native to fertile regions of Punjab and then crushing them into powder in the most organic manner to give it a great and strong taste.

Our Premium quality coriander seed powder gives an irresistible aroma and delicious flavor to every meal it’s added in.

Finally, the pure and quality Coriander Seed Powder is in store of Golden View. Uniquely, this Dhania powder is sourced from the fertile fields of Punjab. Fresh seeds are handpicked, dried, and processed hygienically. Golden View has proper techniques and tools for the safe grinding of seeds. It fulfills the criteria of health ministries.

The entire processing of seeds fulfills the parameters of health. Therefore, there is no addition of preservatives, flavors, or coloration in the powder. So, you can use it carefree. If you want pure Coriander Seed Powder to add more taste and aroma to your meal then have it urgently.

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Brand Golden View
Product Coriander powder
Purity 100%
Shelf life 1 year
Moisture 3-5%
Quantity 200 g