Coriander Seeds Price in Pakistan

  • 100 % organic seeds
  • Natural aroma and flavorful
  • Chemical and preservative free
  • Good source of Vitamin K
  • Long shelf life


 Coriander seeds may help decrease blood sugar. Because coriander is so successful at reducing blood sugar, persons who have low blood sugar or take diabetes medication should use caution when using it. The whole coriander seeds benefits include mild rashes like dermatitis. This can enhance the taste of dishes. Nearly 30% of the recommended vitamin C, which aids in treating colds and flu, is found in coriander seeds and leaves. The coriander seeds price in Pakistanis reasonable according to its features.


Baked items, pickled vegetables, rubs, roasted veggies, and cooked lentil dishes can all benefit from adding whole coriander seeds. It can release their fragrance by warming them, after which they can be crushed to be used in pastes and doughs. They contribute to the production of digestive fluids and chemicals, speeding up digestion. GV food store makes original and natural products. you can easily buy pulses, spices, salt and dry fruits. They have 100% purity. The coriander seeds price in Pakistan is pocket-friendly. Golden view offers the fastest, safest and free item delivery countrywide. GV Food is much better than other online shops.

The coriander seeds price in Pakistan is reasonable according to its features.


Products coriander seeds
Quantity 100g
Purity 100%
Shelf life 1 year