Dal Channa Supreme 500g

  • Enriched with protein and fibers
  • Chemicals and colorants free
  • Instantly cooked
  • Hygienic packing


Enjoy delicious as well as a healthy meal with the addition of Dal Channa Supreme. Get Dal Channa Supreme 500g safe pack from the Golden View online food store. As it is renowned for high-quality food items and the same is for Dal Channa. We harvest Dal from the fertile fields of the country and process it naturally.

After that Dal Channa supreme is packed in protected and safe packaging. Due to additives-free packing, its natural aroma and taste stay longer. So, make your day full of protein and energy. Add Dal Channa to everyday meals and enjoy good health. If you don’t like it simple, couple it with rice and vegetables to make some innovative and tasteful combos.

Get Dal Channa Supreme 500g safe pack online from the Golden view food archive. It brings healthier food ingredients, spices, rice, Dal, and tea. GV offers a huge array of food items at the best lowest cost in Pakistan. Thus, connect with a highly reliable GV store to experience safe, sound, free, and fast shipping on the doorstep countrywide. Develop the good taste of life with GV. Therefore, Check it now.


Brand GV
Product Daal Channa Supreme
Weight 500 g