Dal Mash Chilka 500g pack is enough to make your family’s diet complete. Full of taste, aroma, and loaded with nutrients! Golden View always manages to deliver healthful food items to its customers nationwide. Therefore, it avoids the use of artificial aroma and tastes in all types of Dal. Moreover, the Dal Mash Chilka has less cooking time so you can hurriedly make spicy and tasty Dal every time.

Most of the dals have a low shelf life but GV naturally processed Dal Mash Chilka can be stored for a long time in the kitchen. In an airtight container, its taste and aroma will stay longer. Dal mash Chilka is not only a unique tasty meal for a table but also a bunch of protein and dietary fibers. Thus, add Dal Mash Chilka to your everyday meal to enjoy good health. Buy dal Mash Chilka 500g for the family at the best cost from Golden view online food store.

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Product Dal mash chilka
Quality High
Quantity 500 g