Dal masoor washed 500g

  • Less cooking times
  • Full of nutrients and dietary fibers
  • Additives free
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Long storage time


To make your dining more delicious buy a Dal masoor washed 500g pack online from the Golden View food handle. Dal masoor-washed is an essential ingredient of eastern dining that makes the meal complete. Moreover, it is the basic part of the mix Dal recipe. Besides, the natural taste of Dal masoor washed is matchless because Golden view restricts the application of any chemical to enhance the taste of it.

Due to natural processing and hygienic packaging Dal masoor washed prolongs its storage time. Additionally, this superior quality Dal has less cooking time. Just soak it before cooking and save time. Add masalas and make mouthwatering thick Dal for family and friends! It is not only a meal filler but also a loaded ship of protein and dietary fibers.

Enjoy the health with taste! If you don’t trust the quality of previous sellers’ land on the GV website get quality Dal masoor washed 500 g at the best prices. Golden View offers a comprehensive list of spices, food ingredients, rice, and Dal. For experiencing reliable online shopping browse the GV and get healthful food items at the best lowest costs.


Product Dal masoor Washed 500g
Additives free Yes
Quantity 500 g