Gur Price in Pakistan

  • 100 %Natural
  • Extracted from healthy sugarcane
  • Perfect energy booster
  • Chemical and artificial colorants free
  • Long lasting moist free packaging


Jaggery, sometimes called “Gur,” is a well-liked natural sweetener frequently used instead of sugar. It is an unprocessed sugar primarily produced by boiling raw, concentrated sugarcane juice until it becomes solid. Gur is not just better than white sugar, which only gives the body empty calories. Moreover, it helps digestion, cleanses the body, and supplies many minerals. The gur price in Pakistan is reasonable, and you can easily buy them.

Jaggery has little to no signs of any fat, so you can easily add it to your diet without thinking about excessive fat consumption. Jaggery is very effective for hair, as its iron & vitamin C content are suitable for shiny, healthy, and strong hair. The gur price in Pakistan is budget-friendly on gv foods.

Benefits of gur

Jaggery good for weight loss     

Gur helps clean the body by flushing out toxins and purifying the blood. The nutrients improve metabolism by preserving the electrolyte balance, and the presence of potassium permits water retention, which allows it to manage weight efficiently.

Reduces the risk of constipation

It controls some digestive enzymes, promoting regular bowel motions and avoiding constipation.

Helps Boosting Immunity

Antioxidants and essential minerals like zinc and selenium are present, which can help reduce the risk of free radical damage and increase resistance to infections.

Jaggery benefits for skin

Jaggery contains glycolic acid, a crucial ingredient in various skincare products to improve skin appearance.


Brand Golden View
Product Gur
Form Crystals
Quality 100 % original
Colorants & sweetener No
Quantity 500 g