(imli) tamarind 100g

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  • Natural pulp and perfect blending
  • Powerful tenderizer for meat and fish
  • Boost natural immunity
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When it comes to flavoring a portion of food, just a little (imli) tamarind 100g goes a long way. Tamarind’s distinctive sweet and sour flavor enhances, harmonizes, and unites the flavors of several meals. Tamarind is inherently thick and fibrous; thus, it is frequently made into a paste before being used in recipes. Additionally, it is straightforward to create using either a slab of the tamarind fruit or the pods.

Chutneys, stews, sauces, and even sweets are made with imli in Pakistan. But (imli) tamarind 100g has many health advantages in addition to enhancing the flavor of your dish. A rich source of vitamin C, tamarind can lower fevers, and it has a firm acidity that acts as a coolant and is used to help regulate body temperatures in the hot tropical climes where it is grown. Still a valuable food for most people due to its high tamarind nutrition.

Benefits of IMLI

Helps in weight loss

Tamarinds are fat-free and high in fiber. Studies indicate that since tamarind includes flavonoids and polyphenols, consuming it regularly may aid in weight loss.

Effective in managing diabetes

Tamarind seed extracts have anti-inflammatory properties, and some reports claim that they can regulate blood sugar levels and repair pancreatic tissue damage in people with diabetes.

Helps with digestion

Tamarind’s tartaric acid, malic acid, and potassium levels have made it a popular laxative from the dawn of time. It is also used to treat diarrhea because of its capacity to relax the abdominal muscles.


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Product tamarind
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