Get easily cooked delicious Masoor Salam 500g pack at a highly reasonable price in Pakistan. The Golden View presents natural food without the addition of any chemicals to enhance its aroma or taste of it. The quality food items seller, GV safely harvests Dal from the fertile lands and processes naturally. We take care of users’ good health so the use of additives is strictly discouraged.

Also, it packs in a hygienic manner to extend its shelves period. Therefore, Masoor Salam ranks high in taste and aroma. Moreover, it takes less time to cook if it is soaked properly prior to cooking. Besides, Masoor Salam is enriched with protein that makes your body healthy and sound. Thus, get Masoor Salam Dal and try a variety of recipes to bring innovation to the dining. Thus, add Masoor Salam 500g packs to the cart to make some mouthwatering dishes for friends and family.

GV, the reliable seller of high-quality food ingredients, brings a wide range of spices to make your meal healthy and tasty. For healthy and spicy food items connect with GV. We ensure the safest, fastest, and free product delivery nationwide. Taste good with us!


Brand GV
Product Masoor Salam
Weight 500 g