Meetha Soda Price in Pakistan(Bicarbonate Soda)

  • 100% pure
  • The perfect ingredient for baking and cooking
  • Free from chemicals
  • Gluten-free
  • Multipurpose use(cooking, baking, and cleaning)


Sodium bicarbonate is also known as baking soda and meetha soda. However, you may also hear these names used to refer to it. Both are regarded as the same thing; therefore, you can use meta soda the same way you would use baking soda. It resembles a fine, white powder and is utilize in cleaning products, baking, and as a pH buffer. Several quick breads, pastries, and fried dishes can all use it. The meetha soda price in Pakistan(Bicarbonate Soda) is very reasonable on our website of gv food, you can easily buy it.

Meetha soda for weight loss is an important ingredient, it is commonly believed that meetha soda is use to promote weight loss. Baking soda acts as a chemical leavener, producing carbon dioxide in reaction to an acid like vinegar, which produces bubbles that help the cake or cookie rise to tender, moist, and fluffy perfection. The meetha soda price in Pakistan(Bicarbonate Soda) is reasonable.

Household uses of meetha soda

Is baking soda good for teeth

Baking soda is frequently use in place of mouthwash. It could aid in breath freshening and potentially have antibiotic and bacterial effects.

Whitening agent for laundry

You can clean and whiten your clothes by using baking soda. This is because it’s an alkali—a soluble salt—that can aid in the removal of grime and stains.

Kitchen cleaner

Baking soda makes an excellent kitchen cleaner because of its adaptability. Additionally, it might aid in preventing the development of dangerous microbes like mold or bacteria.

Healthy benefits of meetha soda

May help treat heartburn

To reduce stomach acid, baking soda can assist in treating heartburn.

May improve exercise performance

A joint dietary supplement among athletes is baking soda, often sodium bicarbonate. Especially during anaerobic activities, high-intensity training, and sprinting, baking soda helps you perform longer at your best.

May relieve itchy skin and sunburns

A baking soda bath is frequently advise to soothe itchy skin after bug bites or bee stings. Additionally, itching sunburn skin may be relieve by using baking soda.


Brand Golden View
Product meetha soda
Quality 100 % premium
Colorants White
Quantity 50 g