Moong dal washed price 500g

  • Easy to soak and cook
  • Matchless taste
  • High level of protein content


If you are crazy enough to eat dal in every meal then we adjusted the Moong dal washed price to 500g highly reasonable for you. This yellow aromatic and highly cleaned Moong dal is packed Hygienically for you. Golden View is renowned for additives-free foods and the same is the case for Moong dal. Our Moong dal is harvested and crushed and washed without the use of any chemical.

This is the reason our Moong dal becomes soft after soaking. Besides, it takes less time to cook. So, if you want to enjoy Finger-licking food every day on the table add Moong dal to the menu.  It is not only a perfect combo for chawal but also a big source of proteins. Additionally, the Moong dal has a large storage time if you pack it in an airtight container. So, make your dining table full of a healthy diet by adding Moong dal to every spicy dish.

You can get pure and quality dal from the Golden View food archive because Moong dal washed price 500g pack is quite low. Trust the GV for healthy and additive-free food items. Experience the online shopping of edible products with GV, free and fast home delivery!!


Product Moong dal Washed
Additives free Yes
Quantity 500 g