Pink Salt Granular 800g

  • 100% pure pink Himalayan salt
  • No artificial coloration
  • Much more balanced and healthy choice
  • Rich mineral content


Pink Salt is a sign of taste and good health. It not only adds good taste to the meal but it makes food healthy. Its use in everyday diet keeps body pH to the normal. Golden View takes this pink salt from the 5, 000 feet deep below the Himalayan Mountain range. Later, it is just cleaned and not processed. It also vanished the concerns of additives and the use of bleaches for coloration purposes. So, you can use Pink Salt Granular without any fear of its harm. If you want to make your dishes more delicious and healthier then you must have the packs of this pure salt in your cabin. You can have it just in a single click. Browse to the Golden View site and add many packs to the cart.



Brand Golden View
Product  Pink Salt Granular
Ingredient Himalayan Pink Salt
Quantity 800 g
Price Rs. 60/