Pomegranate Seeds 100g

  • Sweet and tart deliciousness
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Fight Bacterial Infections
  • Improve Memory


Red sweet Pomegranate Seeds are the main ingredient for the eastern menus. Therefore, Golden View brings Pomegranate Seeds 100g pack at the best price in Pakistan. These red pomegranate Seeds are the embodiment of good taste and health. It contains fibers, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a huge content of magnesium. Due to its innumerable nutrient content, it is used to fight lungs, colon, and breast cancer.

To sell you high-quality pomegranate Golden View picks pomegranate Seed from the fully ripened fruit and dries it properly. Moreover, its natural red color is retained because GV strictly avoids the use of any colorants or additives. Therefore, use pomegranate Seed regularly to keep your blood and diabetes levels under control. Chew or use in a variety of recipes to bring healthy innovation to your meal. If you want to enjoy good health then buy Pomegranate seeds 100g packs online at the best lowest prices from the GV food store.

The golden view brings a wide array of spices, rice, cereals, tea, and nutritious salt to boost your health. To get 100% original and premium edible products at the best rates in Pakistan land on GV food store. GV ensures the free, safest, and most robust shipment on your doorstep nationwide.


Product Pomegranate seed
Quantity 100 g