Red Chilli Crushed 100g

  • Contain vitamins A, C, and B6, fiber
  • 100% original
  • Rich in aroma


The red pepper flakes are also known as Red chilli crushed.

Product Description The dried, crushed, and Heat treated pods of the ripe fruits of Capsicum frutescens. L or Capsicum Annum L.
Variety Red
Item Form      Seeds


Main description

A variety of capsicum peppers are included with crushed red pepper, which is well recognized for its hot heat. The greatest time to grow red pepper chilis is during the summer when they first start green and eventually develop from orange-red to deep dark crimson colors. It is made of 100% original material. Red chili prevents various types of diseases.

Furthermore, Making our red chilli  is highly scientific and utilizes advanced technology. Additionally, every step of the manufacturing process for crushed red chilies has been carefully examined to rule out any nutritional risks in the final product. Our GV food store produces crushed red chilli pepper with premium, hand-picked chilies that will offer your food a vibrant color, attractive appearance, and spicy flavor to tickle your taste buds. it gives a tasty flavour to foods. Moreover, once you can use you love it. If you are looking for red chilli crushed, then you came to the right website. GV food store gives you high-quality 100% natural red chilli .