Rock Sugar – Misri Price in Pakistan

  • 100 % original quality
  • Hygienically crystalized
  • Naturally processed
  • No colorants and artificial sugar
  • Long lasting packaging


Misri is a form of unrefined sugar derived from palm tree sap and sugarcane juice. Although many people prefer refined sugar, mishri provides many health advantages. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are present. The sweetness of this only sweetener is released as soon as it touches your mouth. The rock sugar – misri price in Pakistan is budget-friendly on our website of gv foods.

In nature, misri, or rock sugar, is calming and cooling. It is typically added to acidic, hot, or difficult-to-digest medications since it cools the body. The fact that it naturally cools the body makes it worthwhile in cases of moderate fever. In addition to being preferable to regular sugar, rock sugar is a nutritious powerhouse. Rock sugar for weight loss is the best option if you are overweight. The rock sugar – misri price in Pakistan is very affordable on our website of gv foods.

Benefits of Misri_100g

Treats Common Cold And Cough

Common ailments include a cough, cold, and sore throat, especially in the winter. The miraculous element rock sugar can quickly improve these diseases with healing capabilities.

Promotes Digestion

It acts as a post-meal treat and instantly starts the digestive process. When you consume some mishri after eating, it can be a delicious way to end your dinner.

Boosts Energy

During mood swings, mishri is a quick source of energy that lifts your spirits and increases your power. Memory is enhanced, and mental tiredness is reduced by mishri.

Here are the rock sugar benefits for skin

Mishri offers a natural and safe amount of sugar, which helps your skin look better. To receive the most benefits from mishri, it is preferable to add it to your tea rather than regular sugar.


Brand Golden View
Product rock sugar – misri
Quality 100 % natural
Colorants & sweetener No
Quantity 100 g