Sella Basmati Rice price in Pakistan

  • 100 %premium quality
  • Extra long with exceptional taste
  • Best aroma and naturally white
  • Instantly cooked with a little soaking
  • The best source of fiber and potassium


Sella basmati rice is well-known for its mouthwatering flavor and distinctive aroma. When cooked, it loses its hard hardness and becomes fluffier. It is also well-liked for its excellent taste, quality, unique aroma, and regular grain size. Additionally, white Sella rice is used to make various meals, like pulao and biryani. The Sella basmati rice price in Pakistan is affordable, you can easily buy them.

The smell of super basmati sella rice is distinctive. This rice has numerous health advantages for you. By including this rice in your diet, you can reduce your weight. Rice keeps you fuller for longer, preventing the need to eat something immediately. The amount of fibre in rice is high. This aids in lowering calorie intake and fat absorption as well. It should use no chemicals, and everything should be completely hygienic. You will find the best sella rice in Pakistan on our website of gv foods. The Sella basmati rice price in Pakistan is reasonable.

Benefits of sella basmati rice

Rich Source of Soluble Fibre

Soluble fibre is abundant in Sella basmati rice. It aids in reducing blood levels of harmful LDL cholesterol. Its natural oils may also improve good HDL cholesterol levels while lowering BP and cholesterol levels.

Treat Diabetes

Compared to white and brown rice, Sella basmati rice has a less significant effect on blood sugar levels. Its resistant starch and excellent protein content may be the cause of this.


Brand Golden View
Product sella basmati rice
Quality 100 % high quality
Additives free Yes