Shakar price in Pakistan

  • 100 %original quality
  • Natural brown color and soft texture
  • No artificial colorants and sweeteners
  • The perfect partner for dessert
  • Long-lasting and hygienic packaging


A natural sweetener known as brown sugar is made of sugar cane by boiling, evaporating, and crystallizing the cane. . Desi shakkar is a 100% natural sweetener made up of the fine sugarcane. The shakar price in Pakistan is reasonable on our website of gv foods.

Furthermore, Iron and calcium-rich minerals are abundant in brown sugar. Iron, a vital mineral that aids in the prevention of weariness and the maintenance of healthy blood and red blood cells, is present in it in more significant quantities than white sugar. Moreover, Calcium is also include in brown sugar. A mineral called calcium aids in developing and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. The shakar price in Pakistan is reasonable.

Here are the shakar benefits

It may Help Improve Skin Health

One of the unexpected uses for organic brown sugar is as a skin exfoliator; its gritty texture makes it perfect for removing dirt, filth, and dead skin cells from your body’s largest organ.

May help in Weight Loss

The molasses in brown sugar increase metabolism and satisfy hunger, which may aid in weight loss attempts.

May act as an energy booster

Organic brown sugar is a well-liked ingredient in morning coffee since it stimulates the body like any other simple carbohydrate.


Brand Golden View
Product Shakar
Form Powder
Quality 100 % natural
Colorants and sweetener No
Quantity 500 g