Star Anise – badyan ka Phool price in Pakistan

  • 100 % natural whole dried
  • Fresh and aromatic
  • Highly flavorful
  • Enriched with iron and vitamins
  • Safe and air-tight packaging


Star anise is a fantastic illustration of how spices come in all different forms and sizes. A fruit with a star-like shape called star anise grows on trees. The potent antioxidants in star anise that neutralize free radicals also have anti-cancer properties. The powerful chemicals found in star anise reduce inflammation and safeguard the structure and function of the brain. The Star Anise – badyan ka Phool price in Pakistan is budget-friendly.

There are many star anise health benefits, which include Fights Cancer, healthy skin, and curing colds and flu. You utilized it in households as a healing plant and for other uses and therapies. It has a star-like appearance and is well-known for both its flavor and medicinal properties. Star anise uses in food can enhance the taste of dishes. The Star Anise – badyan ka Phool price in Pakistan is very reasonable on our gv foods website.

Benefits of STAR Anise (Badyan)

The star anise benefits are listed below.

Contains Bioactive Compounds

Strong bioactive chemicals found in STAR anise significantly impact your health. Flavonoids and polyphenols are present in sufficient quantities in Badiyan ka Phool. It also contains a variety of other advantageous substances that can keep you strong and healthy.

Promote healthy skin

Vitamin A, which protects against skin damage and improves skin health, is abundant in badiyan ka Phool.

Cures colds and the flu

In Pakistan, kahwas or teas are frequently used to lessen flu and cold symptoms. You can enjoy star anise kawa’s beneficial aroma and sweet spice flavor by including more spices.


Brand Golden View
Product Star Anise – badyan ka phool
Quality 100 % natural
Additives No