Suji price in Pakistan

  • 100 % Original
  • Instant and easy sweet cooking(halwa)
  • Preservative and colorants free
  • Enriched with protein and fibers
  • Safe and long-lasting packaging


Wheat grains are used to make suji. The wheat kernels were traditionally crushed between stones and sieved by hand. suji price in Pakistan is not very high.

Suji is highly high in protein and complex carbohydrates, which gives you immediate energy and speeds up your metabolism. Since it doesn’t contain any cholesterol, it is ideal for those who have cardiovascular illnesses. It also has significant amounts of protein and fiber. To avoid overeating, both slow down digestion and impart a feeling of fullness. Protein and fiber both aid in weight loss. gv food is the best platform for you. Suji price in Pakistan is reasonable. suji is best for your health.

Here are suji benefits 

Heart Health

For people with cardiac elements, sooji is the best for them. Suji is the perfect component to include in a diet plan for those with high cholesterol because it contains no cholesterol at all.

Promotes Weight Loss

Suji contains a lot of protein and fiber, which helps keep you full for a longer period of time. Suji helps people lose weight and satiates their mid-afternoon appetite.

Increases Iron

For people with low iron levels or anemia, suji is a great source of iron and is strongly advise.


Brand Golden View
Product Suji
Quality 100 % natural
Chemical free Yes
Quantity 500 g