Turmeric Powder 100g Price in Pakistan

  • 100 % pure
  • Natural yellow colorant with high antioxidant properties
  • Stimulates protein digestion
  • Food Coloration and health benefits


Undoubtedly, mouth-watering curry is impossible to cook without Turmeric powder. Therefore, Golden View introduces the pure and original Turmeric powder in Pakistan at highly low prices. This is obtained from the fertile areas of Punjab.

Golden View processed the roots and grinds with the standardized techniques and tools to deliver you originally.  The powder is free from preservatives and artificial coloration.

Pure Turmeric Powder not only adds taste and aesthetic color to food but is also used for health benefits. It stimulates protein digestion in your body. Besides, its antioxidant properties help in blood purification.  So, enjoy a good meal and health by adding 100% pure powder to your diet and by application on skin sores.

So, get it urgently because its price is quite low in-store. You can get quality spices online from the Golden View with just a single click.


Brand Golden View
Product Turmeric Powder
Purity 100%
Quantity 100 g