White Channa Large 500g

  • Healthful and tasteful
  • Large and nutritious
  • Easy to cook
  • Long shelf life


If you are foody enough to eat any edible then don’t forget to take White Channa large in your meal. As it is considered a complete diet therefore Golden View brings White Channa Large 500g packs at the best cost in Pakistan. To make your diet full of taste and nutrition GV delivers natural and 100% organic food. Similarly, GV picks out White Channa large from the fertile fields of the country and hygienically processes and packs to make its availability safe for you.

Due to additives and preservatives free packing, White Channa large 500g stays fresh and tasteful for a prolonged period. Besides, it takes less cooking time if you soak it before cooking. Eat White Channa large routinely to fulfill your protein and dietary needs. Enjoy the good taste and health by adding White Channa large to your every meal!

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Product White Channa Large
Weight 500 g