Zahedi dates price (Irani khajor)

  • Ideal energy booster
  • Serve as Antioxidants
  • Maintain digestive health
  • Preservative and additives free


If you want to boost your energy level during the fasting month then Zahedi dates (Irani khajor) must be stocked at home. Zahedi dates price (Irani Khajor) in Pakistan at highly affordable. Golden View brings handpicked and naturally processed Irani khajor.

As it is naturally processed there is no addition of any artificial sweetness or polishing. Moreover, there is no use of chemicals or preservatives to enhance its shelf life. Undoubtedly, Zahedi dates (Irani Khajor) is a bunch of iron, fibers, vitamin, and protein. It not only keeps the digestive system on track but is also good for bones and brain cells.

It is an ideal energy booster that keeps you super energetic if with a load of work. Besides, it works as an anti-oxidant to keep your body’s blood level normal. This food item is good for every age. Give your kids or older one number of dates to keep their energy level high.

Moreover, you can use dates in a variety of recipes to create another level of taste. Add slices in baking or pudding and enjoy another level of taste and energy. So, get this Irani Khajor online from the Golden View food archive. Zahedi dates price (Irani Khajor) is quite reasonable here.

Thus, stay connected with GV to enjoy good taste and energy with every bite. GV promises quality food items with safe, fast, and free delivery countrywide.


Brand Golden View
Product Zahedi dates (Irani Khajor)
Quantity 500 g